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Tips on Selling CV Example

Even if you already have a CV example, you would wonder if the example works well or not. This is understandable concern because you’ve created examples for a specific purpose in mind and want to achieve this goal. One of the reasons why people create a sample resume, because they are trying to land their dream job. Other people create these types of examples, because they intend to sell examples.

This does not mean that you necessarily get the job you want. If you are selling your resume online, look at the conversion rate. If you drive a lot of traffic, but has not made many sales with your CV example, your example is likely to be revised.

Check your design carefully and see if you can tell why visitors are not interested in buying. On the other hand, if most visitors want to buy your example, you are doing something right. See if you can repeat this success by producing a second example of the sale. Obviously, you will need to make some changes after determining that it is not effective.

CV Example

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